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Bulk Anal Beads can be manufactured for your market

The trusted supplier of anal beads, Sexfar, offers steel balls in a variety of colors and materials. By using advanced machinery to decorate our anal beads in any silicone or mold, our artisans provide fast production and attention to detail.

Quality control ensures the long-term performance of our anal beads by detecting flaws, conducting durability tests, and checking for chromatic aberrations in the materials. To meet industry challenges and meet your market needs, we use green materials and create custom anal beads.

Wholesale Anal Bead Selection

With a variety of custom options, styles, details and any application, we are a leading supplier of anal beads.

Anal beads are attractive

We use durable materials to customize our anal beads, such as silicone, wooden or metal anal beads, and precisely shaped glass anal beads.

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Anal bead bottom

Pushing in and pulling out the anal beads is made easy by a convenient handle.

Anal beads made of metal

Our anal beads offer a special experience thanks to the use of high-quality steel.

Silicone of high quality

With high quality silicone and good safety, our anal beads provide extra safety.

Design that is simple

First-timers can adapt to the anal beads' flexible design, while experiencing different sensations due to their thin to thick design.

Artwork featuring anal beads

Custom anal bead designs and options

Our experts combine attractive visual appearance with comfort to shape our anal beads, allowing your clients the opportunity to relax quickly and attract their attention to your brand. Sexfar’s studio specializes in anal beads that let you express yourself freely. With the latest technology and thoughtful craftsmanship, we bring your anal bead design ideas to life.

Our customization options include:

  • Materials available include metal (steel and aluminium), wood (oak, pine, elm, beech, etc.) and silicone.
  • A variety of styles are available.
  • Color options are available in a variety of shades.

Production of anal beads at the Sexfar factory

Sexfar has been a reliable gay toy manufacturer trusted by distributors, wholesalers, and other partners since 2008. Count on Sexfar’s well-managed glass, silicone, and metal anal beads production to earn your customers’ trust.

Lean production and strict quality control ensure reliable and durable anal beads at reasonable prices.

Anal Beads factory

Get in touch with Sexfar

With our experience in producing unique gay toys for various applications, we are able to provide additional value-added services and market-leading consulting to many brands.

Advantages of factories

During peak seasons, our machines and professional workshops enable us to deliver bulk orders on time.

Maintain strict quality standards

Tested for durability and long-term value, we test sourced materials and manufactured sex toys across different markets.

Service that is efficient

In order to reduce your hassle, we offer design consulting, rapid prototyping, and other services.

Turnaround time is fast

With the help of our automated machines capable of handling mass production, our engineers and designers can handle projects in the shortest time possible.

Anal beads cost well-controlled

In order to produce a high-quality product at an affordable price, Sexfar has access to affordable raw materials.

Providing flexible anal beading solutions

With our versatile team, we can handle all client needs and provide flexible solutions. As an OEM manufacturer, we are capable of managing OEM projects with the highest degree of precision and delivering anal beads on time. The prices are competitive.

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