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Sexfar makes sex cards that enhance any sex party environment with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. To meet ever-increasing market demands, we consult clients on each project to develop new designs for our sex cards precisely to meet market needs.

Using efficient material processing, skilled craftsmanship, and the best-in-class production lines, we manufacture all of our sex cards at an affordable price. Through constant testing and inspection, we continuously review our materials and monitor the quality of our production.

Designing our sex card in a fresh way

By using market-approved materials, we manufacture durable cards that are affordable, sustainable, and suitable for a wider audience. The construction of our sex cards is designed to withstand prolonged use. Before delivery, we thoroughly test each sex card for uniqueness.

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Surface of premium quality

High-performance cards are durable due to the use of selected raw materials.

Styles of design

Sex cards are available in a variety of styles, such as modern, vintage, and vintage, all of which are of exceptional quality.

High-quality materials available

A variety of high-quality materials are available, including Paper, Art Paper, Germany Black Core Paper, and Kraft Paper.

Diverse sex parties

Take a look at our new custom card game

Using sex cards at a sex party is fun for couples or gays. Any sex party is enhanced by sex cards, whether it’s for teens or middle-aged adults.

In order to provide wholesalers and businesses with a Sexfar sex card solution, we understand the intricacies and business benefits of sex cards. OEM/ODM customers only need to specify design, usage, material selection, and other customization options. We will handle everything from start to finish.

Let's make your vision a reality

Sexfar’s experienced designers produce the best sex party cards by using advanced production techniques, thorough testing procedures, and value-added services.

Mass production that is efficient

Through the use of high precision equipment, dispensing and design, our factory can produce up to 60,000 pieces per day of high quality sex cards.

Inspection of all aspects

Every detail of our sex cards is examined to ensure they perform optimally over time through raw material inspection, strict process control, and comprehensive inspection of finished products.

Service that is responsive

In order to make your order more convenient, we already have a MOQ of 300 pieces, but we can produce any quantity exactly as you need it with a shorter lead time than our competitors.

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