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Best selling sex dice wholesale for sex parties

Add attention to your brand with our bulk sex dice collection for sex party guests. We produce over 60,000 sex dice every week to suit any theme your client chooses.

Our sex dice are made from different materials, polished and treated for a glossy finish and easier cleaning. We tested our sex dice for durability and ensured that they were free of stains or spots that could compromise their quality.

Sexual Dice Advanced Traits

When it comes to making quality sex dice, every detail counts. Our dice are made of sturdy ABS material. High-quality plastic enhances the long-term stability of our sex dice and ensures that they can be used without constant maintenance.

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Dice for sex that is durable

The sex dice are made from high-quality ABS material and sophisticated equipment.

Corners that are anti-scratch

Chamfering of the arc to prevent scratches and ensure safety.

Structure with stability

With precision instruments for safety, this product is made from pressed plastic.

Stylish and flexible

Sex Dice Selection Customized

A variety of adjustments can be made, including color, pattern, language, and size, to make our sex dice more suitable for your market. Our workshops allow us to mix and match features to make them more compelling in the market.

We accept OEM custom requests to make our sex dice fit your market and bring out the best quality of your brand. Our sex dice gallery offers regularly updated unique designs to suit a variety of tastes.

Sexfar's benefits of a meaningful partnership

When you do business with Sexfar, you have access to fast, affordable production and responsive service that works to solve your problem precisely.

Strength in manufacturing

As a result of the machined ABS plastic we use, our sex dice are exceptionally strong and durable, as well as easy to modify and polish to suit your particular preferences.

Testing facility

Before delivery, we thoroughly test our sex dice for defects to prevent stains and maintain stability.

Service that is worry-free

To help save costs, you can order a MOQ of 500 pieces, get free samples, and get an instant refund on any damaged products.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls so you can deliver the sex toys and BDSM toys you need on-time and within your budget.

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