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Experience impeccable bespoke service for your brand

Stand out from your peers and introduce diversity into your client base with ingenuity. We combine the “wow” factor with your market’s demographics, preferences, retail and other institutional sex toy catalogs through OEM solutions.

In addition to professional consultation on your design, you will receive professional advice backed by years of experience making dozens of client sex toys. You can count on Sexfar to find a solution that meets your goals and budget, while ensuring that the finished adult toy meets your expectations.

Creating a custom sex toy is easy with these four simple steps

01 Submission of a design

The design team carefully examines your concept. Several members of our design team are experienced in advising on silicone materials, color schemes, structural designs, and other details that complement the initial sketch.

02 Rapid sampling

Sexfar will send you a free sample of your BDSM toy or sex toy based on the final design. Before taking the final step, you may wish to consider this example to help you decide whether any changes need to be made.

03 Production on a large scale

Using our automatic production line, we will produce customized adult sex toys for you after receiving the deposit.

04 Packaging and shipping

An experienced logistics company will ship your completed order to you in your custom packaging.

We provide robust OEM services to help you drive your brand

Prototype for free

Custom orders come with a free prototype, which gives you a first-hand look at what you’ll receive.

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Material selection is extensive

Several types of premium materials are available at low cost, including silicone, ABS, iron/steel, glass, fabric, and wood.

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Featuring cutting-edge technology

With our factory floor’s precision and streamlined speed, your orders are met on time.

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Numerous successful projects

We provide premium OEM solutions for sex toys. Additionally, Sexfar can manufacture sex toys for smaller projects in addition to wholesale sex toys.

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Options for customization

Whether you need sex toys styles or printed logos, we offer a complete customization service.

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Skilled workers with experience

People with natural skills and extensive experience can customize sex toys efficiently and quickly for you.

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