Experienced and market-driven design

With its fresh, vibrant, and contemporary designs, Sexfar has made a name for itself in dealers around the world. To find the unique style your target audience wants, we participate in major events like adult fairs everywhere to research and track market trends.

As a result of enhancing our clients’ brands with trendy adult sex toy designs over the years, we have developed a dedication to comfort, health, safety, and functionality.

Curiosity Courage Creativity_ _ _

Experience and skills are essential to ingenuity

We work closely with you through professional consultation in order to select materials and formats that are appropriate for your needs. Additionally, Sexfar's designers have optimized your vision and marketed it to your target audience in order to meet their performance, style, and durability requirements. Every carefully crafted sex toy or BDSM toy begins with a simple sketch on paper. We will work with you to develop a design that meets your needs within your budget.

Engage in customized services

From refining your concept to building a sex toy, Sexfar's experts guide you through every step. Provide professional insight and advice on all aspects of your ideas, eliminating potential flaws. We consider and discuss your preferred styles, materials, heights and color styles as we discuss your concept. Our goal is to provide you with a refined design that will meet your objectives at the end of the process.

Describe your design in an accurate manner

Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the quality of your custom sex toys and dolls. Sexfar workshop has eight automatic injection molding machines, ten punching machines, fifteen aging machines, five silicone melting machines, twenty assembly lines, etc. 

In order to expand your adult toy catalog, the production team can provide you with the tools you need. In addition to providing services, we can assist you in reaching new markets without exceeding your budget.

Promote your brand with unique designs


Simple and Elegant

In a minimalist way, our women’s sex toys provide comfort and beauty.



In addition to an ergonomic shape, our sex toys are designed to provide a long-lasting sexual experience.


Form that is simple

The stylish shapes and special colors of these sex toys blend in well with any indoor setting.


Style that is functional

Incorporating high-grade materials such as silicone, ABS, and metal, it provides a superior experience and elegant design for our multi-type sexual toys.


Space-saving design

Our premium sex toy provides a comfortable experience by combining a compact design with easy-to-bend materials.


Powerful and quiet

With its simple and beautiful design, our sex toy vibrator is made of soft silicone material combined with ABS.

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